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100% Organic, Made in NSW

A delicate and sweet extra-virgin olive oil cold-pressed from Gold award-winning Organic Australian Olives.

Enjoy as a healthy choice for you in your diet or to be shared with your friends and family. 

 Store in a cool dark place to extend life of this product. 

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Chilli pickled garlic - truly exceptional!

Absolutely delicious. I purchased this on the weekend at a whim and have been blown away by how positively exceptional the taste is. What a delightful surprise!

Tastebud delight #2

I recently added a review for the garlic buds with chilli and must say a huge Ditto for the herby ones. These are perfect for indoctrinating the youngsters to eating garlic 'as is' when they raid our cheese boards. My youngest grand-daughter is addicted to them as am I. So more-ish.

Tastebud delight

How lovely to receive these two little canisters of pickled garlics for the Xmas stockings. I fell in love with pickled garlic some years back - perfect for these hot day salads or lazy Sunday sundowner cheese boards and these particular little gems are a true delight. Just the right amount of chilli to compliment and add a little mouthy zest. The family loved it.

Chilli Tapenade

Absolute deliciousness


Fresh, Delicious. The most beautiful service. Thank you.