Suria Foods Seasonal Fermented Vegetables

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Suria Foods are unique seasonal ferments organically grown and
sustainably made by Katerina at The Farm in Byron Bay. Suria Farm has
no chemical input and everything is grown organically using the
regenerative practices which mean a lot of care is put to keep the soil

The nutritionists recommend 2-3 tbsp a day with any
savoury meals.

Fermented products need to be refrigerated even before opening. All
products are naturally fermented with cert organic pink Himalayan salt.

Which means warmer they get more natural carbonation happens and
they might fizz up if not kept cold.

They can travel in the esky with something cold next to them.

Products have a long shelf life, unopened they keep in the fridge up to
a year. Once opened best to be eaten within a month. Due to the
natural biodiversity of the microbes, they have a tendency to form a
white yeast film on the surface if stay in a jar for a long time. It's
harmless and absolutely natural. No need to worry just move it and
ferment are good to go.

Fermented food is incredible alive probiotics that look after your
Not recommended for people who are histamine sensitive or have
candida in the active stage.